I Dream of Space

Sarah has over 13 years in marketing, sales, and online community building with a strong focus on teaching people how to use technology to do great things in business and nonprofit industries. Sarah currently works for Schipul -- The Web Marketing Company as the Tendenci Community Manager and her primary role is to build and support a community of "Raving Fans" for the open source CMS, Tendenci, developed by Schipul. In addition to her work, Sarah has a passion for new technologies and volunteers in Houston area technology and entrepreneurship organizations including SpaceUp Houston and the Houston Startup Digest. Sarah is the PR/Marketing Director for SpaceUp Houston and in 2011, also volunteered to manage the Spacepoints project (http//spacepts.com) to build an online platform that helps share people's space enthusiasm across different social media networks to increase awareness of space related issues and news.

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