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Power and Play of the Small

The Nano Technology world: Huge potential in thinking small. Nano-robots that cure disease, self mending socks, paint that turns into a lithium battery… and thats just the beginning. In her talk she will discuss the fascinating world of nano technology and explore the future of this science.


Dr. Huma Jafry has earned her Ph.D in Nanomaterials Chemistry from Rice University. She is the founder and chief scientist at NanoInnovations, where she works on developing micro and nanotechnology based sensors for health care monitoring. Huma has also worked on projects focused on applications for water purification systems, self-cleaning fabrics, and heat abatement and radiation attenuation nanotechnologies for the space industry. As an undergraduate student, Huma developed technology for haptic scissors for use in tele-medicine and remote surgeries. Huma’s research over the years has led to several publications. Huma currently serves on the board of the Sugar Land Discovery Center, and has previously served as a volunteer for many years within the Ismaili Muslim community. Huma is an avid reader who loves enjoys adventure travel with her husband, a neurologist, and their two children.

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