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One Small Idea, One Giant Leap for Mankind

Anil Gupta

The Happiness Formula

Dorit Donoviel

Martian Healthcare for Earth

Jamey Webster

Moving Up Stream: A different view on poverty

Ryan Lowe

The Psychology of a Smile

Ben Jawdat

Clean Energy's Dirty Secret

Holly Hutchins

Disrupting Your Work Imposter: How Changing Your Narrative Can Change Your Life

Jerald Simmons

The Neurologic Consequences of a Misfit Mouth on Sleep

Cort Davies

The Missing Link in Evolving Cancer Care

Jacob Partida


Jerzy Greblicki

Radical Automation: Desegregating Humans and Robots

Debbie Elder

Your Child is Redundant

James Jones

How Changing Manufacturing Can Change the World

Panos Moutafis

The Power of Facial Recognition