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Buffalo Bayou Park, Undug

Founded along the banks of Buffalo Bayou, Houston is defined by the bayous and the floods that frequent the area. Buffalo Bayou Park is a two mile stretch of the bayou that has been recently reconstructed into a breathtaking park in the heart of the city. Thoughtful design proved to be the backbone for the park improvements. Unique to the project, the design includes elements of natural channel design in an urban setting, sediment control, and bank stabilization. Let’s get down and dirty with the thoughts behind the channel design through Buffalo Bayou Park.


With experience designing everything from roads and bayous to bike parks and tennis courts, Erin knows what it takes to get a project done while managing a multi-discipline team of consultants. Her passion for bringing people together, both in the built environment and on the teams she manages, leads to greater collaboration and ultimately more satisfying results. Her degrees in civil and environmental engineering and meteorology as well as her personal interest in rivers and how they work helped shape the design for Buffalo Bayou Park. When she isn’t working, Erin enjoys spending time outdoors with her darling husband and three precious daughters.

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