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Fear is an Illusion

Every fear we have may or may not be real. What if you could easily find out if your fear is valid, then take action to face it head on? The only place we can battle fear is in our minds. In this talk we learn valuable lessons about what real fear is and how to remove it from our day to day life. Frank Shamrock is many things: visionary entrepreneur, ex-con, author, star athlete, survivor of childhood abuse, international speaker, husband, dad and general defier of the odds. He holds multiple world records and remains the only athlete in history crowned champion of every major MMA sports league. Author of “MMA for Dummies”, he has literally written the book on the sport of cagefighting.


Unlikely as it may seem, as a speaker, Frank is best known for his humour, compassion and his ability to use cagefighting techniques to create deep trust and unwavering focus even with non-athletes. Shamrock’s coaching and training techniques are employed by top performers, celebrities and major corporations around the world.


Today, Shamrock lives in Los Angeles with Amy, his wife of many years and two kids, Frankie and Nicolette. Together they oversee Shamrock Way, a family nonprofit that tackles social issues and supports at risk communities with educational scholarships.

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