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Bigger is Not Always Better

Grace Rodriguez wants to change the world, one great idea, one great cause at a time. Grace is a Culture Pilot. As "Creative Juicer," she crafts brand strategies that utilize design, technology and social media for interactive experiences that engage, delight and inspire audiences. Her mantra is "Live By Design": Live creatively and strategically, approaching the world with attention to detail and intention towards the bigger picture. Passionate about community and innovation, Grace co-founded and presides over C2 Creative, Houston's first non-profit creative accelerator, and has provided leadership for OCA Greater Houston, Spacetaker, Youth Leadership Council, and the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce. For her work, Grace has been recognized with the Texas Statesman Social Media Award (2010), the Pegasus Award of Distinction for television series Destination Houston (Producer, 2005), and Houston Press "Best New Magazine" for Rice Addict (Editor, 2004). She is proudest, however, of connecting people, supporting their ideas, and helping grow all of the things no one knows she's had a hand in...which is why you'll find her most often behind the scenes instead of on the stage. Sometimes, simply making things happen is its own best reward.

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