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The Phoenix Project: Out of the Ashes

To reinvent ourselves, to grow, to become better do we need to destroy our former selves? Some people need to burn all the way down to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. How does losing things you value help you recenter and focus on the things that truly matter? In this talk, learn how mindfulness helps to overcome tragedy and bind together your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Jesse Stewart is the founder of AM300 Solutions and author of The Phoenix Project (2019). Jesse was medically retired from the Army after being wounded in combat and multiple surgeries at the rank of Major, at 31 years old. Since retiring he helped found The American 300 non-profit providing college scholarships to all children from the men that fell in Task Force 300, was a Professor (Leadership and Marketing) at Grand Canyon University, and started his own for-profit company. Jesse works tirelessly with Veterans providing guided fly-fishing trips with his father (also a retired disabled veteran), mentoring people across all walks of life dealing with trauma, and working with high performing individuals from US Olympic Athletes to everyday people seeking to be their best version of themselves.

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