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Why We Use Stories To Persuade Others & Ourselves

Kevan Kjar shares the need for a more humane approach to our everyday persuasions for products, ideas and solutions, to give it a warm, human face of a hero with a story. Building upon the principles in Kevan’s first book, he zeros in on the DNA of story in his upcoming book and gives tools, principles, and a framework to a topic that many talk about but few really understand. Join us for this perspective-shifting session in how we use stories to persuade others and ourselves.


During the last two decades, Kevan has helped thousands of executive, sales and marketing professionals in countries such as the U.S., England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, and South America.


Kevan and his wife, Anita, have five children and live in beautiful Eagle, ID with their youngest son, Josh. He holds a master degree in business administration, is a certified NLP practitioner and a recovering Scoutmaster. Kevan has attended the world renown “Story” training by the entertainment guru Robert McKee, and draws from it for story strategy consulting. Kevan is the co-author of The ArrowHead: Winning the Story War. His hobbies include running, hiking, black & white movies and collecting commercials.

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