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It’s OK to Be a Little Infantile

Everyone began their life as a child. As we transition into adulthood, we lose many of the amazing skills that children innately have. What can we learn from infants? In this talk we explore the things that babies do better than adults and we learn how to apply these lessons to our daily lives. Maybe we all need a little infant wisdom. Larayne Glidewell is a healer, newborn care specialist, and a post-partum doula who has worked with kids and newborns for over 26 years. As a post-partum doula, she specializes in working with newborns, infants, twins, and children with autism. Larayne helps create a calm environment for both the babies and parents, which allowing the relationship between them to thrive. She enjoys sharing what she has learned through her life experiences, covering topics like spirituality, child development, overcoming abusive relationships, and entrepreneurship. Formerly, Larayne has run social programs, including Jeans for Justice in San Diego, where she discussed bullying, sexual misconduct, and violence in schools to help students overcome trauma from those experiences. Larayne has also worked with Junior Habitude Warriors, where she helped inspire the youth to grow as independent leaders.

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