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Colleges should run more like Basic Combat Training

The best way to learn, hands-down, is not through lectures, case studies, textbooks, exams or even professors — but by doing — aka Experiential Education. Naveed will present examples of the success of experiential learning in educating aspiring and current entrepreneurs from personal experience.


Naveed is a serial entrepreneur, education strategist, and community builder. He is currently the founder of The Start, a 4-week bootcamp for aspiring entrepreneurs. Naveed serves as an advisor to the Thiel Fellowship and leads entrepreneurship programs, including IPN BootCamp and IPN LaunchPad, for the Ismaili Professionals Network.


Naveed received his Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin in 2007; graduating with High Honors and receiving the Eva Stevenson Woods Endowed Presidential Scholarship and GSD&M Endowed Presidential Scholarship in Advertising.

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