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The Coming Teenage Zombie Apocalypse...Is Here!

Peter Han is the President of Play.Fully.Creative®, an education design firm dedicated to cultivating creativity, imagination, collaboration and other 21st Century Skills in youth. He, his wife and their two sons have pioneered the development of 21st Century Skills through "playfully creative" projects in which youths solve real-world problems in their local communities as they pursue their areas of passion. Through such "playfully creative" projects, the youths discover purpose, meaning and joy. At the same time they cultivate vital character traits such as resilience, tolerance for ambiguity, willpower and they develop 21st Century Skills such as creativity, problem-finding, design-thinking, meta-cognition, systemic thinking. Peter and his family provide mentoring and learning materials for "playfully creative" projects. In founding Play.Fully.Creative®, Peter drew upon his diverse background. He focused on biology and medicine at Brown University and on Organizational Development at UCLA. He has over 20 years experience consulting for large, complex corporations in the areas of innovation, organizational change, and talent development. He has developed and led learning programs focused on innovation and leadership for professionals and executives in over 20 countries including The Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Argentina, Venezuela, Russia, France, Germany, UAE, India, Bahrain, Brazil, Mexico and The United Kingdom. Peter has spoken on innovative STEM and Gifted and Talented education initiatives internationally. He also serves as the chairperson of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for Spring ISD in Texas. Peter and his family currently work with schools, youth organizations and individual families to launch "playfully creative" projects.

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