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Cut the Noise - Become Cohesive

Ravi Kathuria has a conceptually simple, but powerful business management method to cut the noise and help companies become cohesive. Kathuria introduced his Cohegic Method (TM) in his business parable, "How Cohesive is your company?" Cohegic is derived from the words strategic cohesion. The book and the method has received rave reviews from prominent executives. Quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and WorldNews, Kathuria is a recognized thought leader. Featured on the BusinessMakers show, CBS Radio, and Nightly Business Report, he is a columnist for the SmartBusiness Magazine. Kathuria is the president of Cohegic Corporation, a management consulting, executive and sales coaching firm, and president of the Houston Strategy Forum. A thought provoking and vivacious speaker, he has captivated audiences at conferences, events and corporate meetings.

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