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Stop and Think! A Solution Doesn't Mean THE Solution

A Solution does not equal THE solution: As dedicated individuals from a myriad of professions and industries we spend our days moving towards business and professional goals, fixing problems, designing equipment, infrastructure, systems and all of the other activities that make up our days and our society. But while each one of us stays on the path and focused on the small problems in front of us, we miss an infinite number of opportunities to create a better future. Each of us has the ability to see past the moment, to identify the bigger picture, to take a different approach. When we take the time, and use our skills to think outside the box and look holistically at situations, we begin to see additional possibilities, we see new choices. These possibilities allow us to change and improve the small item we are working on and occasionally, allow us the opportunity to change the world. Sherry Weesner is the president of the SMW Principle Solutions, a business strategy, process improvement and management systems consultancy. She enjoys research, public policy, planning and working with public agencies, special districts, commissions and elected and appointed officials.


As the Director of Projects for Scenic Houston, a local non-profit that works with various partners to improve the character of Houston’s streets, sidewalks and public spaces she worked with public and private partners to improve Broadway from I-45 to Hobby Airport and the Houston First Houston Gateway Art Bridges project to beautify the bridges over I-59/69.


Sherry started her career with an engineering construction firm in Houston and worked in the environmental and regulatory compliance consulting field. Approximately 15 years ago she became interested in government and worked on several political campaigns. This experience led to a position as the Chief of Staff for a City of Houston At-Large Council Member where she worked with many areas of City operations, developed council office policy, agenda recommendations and developed strategies to achieve the Council Office’s overall objectives.


She has a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, a M.S. Degree in Finance from the University of Houston and is a Certified Public Manager.

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